The Future of Auxiliary Light Covers

Patent Pending Light Pod protection, UV protection, quick user-friendly lens and silicon band color changes, giving you the ability to personalize and customization like never before.

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Pod Gaudz Auxiliary Light Covers, where innovation merges seamlessly with personalization. Our state of the art products redefine the auxiliary light cover industry by offering a multitude of advantages. Bid farewell to restricted options. Embrace a realm of possibilities – from safeguarding against UV rays, to effortlessly changing lens and vehice accent colors.

Protection Meets Personalization

UV protection, Injection molded Light Pod protection, quick user-friendly colored lens and silicon band change options.

Revolutionizing Auxiliary Light Covers

Our customers consistently praise the design and user features that make Pod Gaudz stand out from the competition. With a commitment to customer satisfaction Pod Gaudz has become synonymous with a personalized lighting experience. The exceptional quality and Made In The USA craftsmanship of Pod Gaudz Auxiliary Light Covers has established the Brand as an excellent choice, for enthusiasts who seek both functionality and style in their lighting solutions.