Installation Instructions & Warning Label information


  • Pod Gaudz Light Covers are intended for Off-Road use only. Please follow all local Laws and Regulations regarding auxiliary lighting. 
  • For best use, it is recommended to install the “Band” onto the Light Cover before fitting Cover to auxiliary light. Then proceed to insert “Lens” into the Light Cover, and install cover onto light. 
  • The “Band” is reversible. Pod Gaudz branding can be visible or turned inside for solid Band color. 
  • To become familiar with fitment and orientation, hold a “Lens” to face of a your auxiliary light.  The 2.75” Light Cover Kit requires the Lens be fit inside the face housing of the Light itself.
  • The canvas Product bag can and should be used for storage. 
  • For cleaning, it’s suggested to rinse Lens and use only microfiber quality material to dry once Lens is clean. Do not attempt to clean a dry or dirty Lens.  
  • *Condensation will form on the inside of the “Lens” if/when Light Cover Kit is installed on a Light that is not 100% dry. Watch for this, and clean accordingly. NO condensation should form if Pod Gaudz Light Covers are installed onto a set of clean and dry auxiliary lights. 


  • Please be sure the vehicle is OFF while installing and removing the Cover Kit. 
  • Keep away from heat sources and use our Cover Kits with “LED” auxiliary light technology only. 
  • Users are required to always follow local Laws and regulations in their respective operating areas for aftermarket auxiliary lighting. 
  • Pod Gaudz requires the vehicle operator to install / remove / store the Cover Kit and its components. 
  • Pod Gaudz Light Cover Kits are designed as an accessory, and are not a permanent fixture. 
  • When required or preferred, remove Light Cover Kit OR install Blackout / Opaque Lens!